Retrieve User Id/Reset Password
The purpose of this page is to allow you to retrieve your user ID or password in the event that you have forgotten either (or both). If you have forgotten your user ID, you can request that it be e-mailed to you. If you have forgotten your password, you can request that it be reset and e-mailed to you (in this case your user ID will also be e-mailed to you).
The first step is to enter the e-mail address that you used to register with the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority web site.
Step 1: Enter your e-mail address
Enter your e-mail address and click the Retrieve button to retrieve your personal verification question.
E-mail Address:
Step 2: Personal Verification
Below you will see the personal verification question that you entered when you created your account. Type in the answer, then select the action that you would like to perform. Once you have done this you can click the Submit button.
Step 2: Personal Verification
Your userid has no question/answer associated with it. To have your password reset, click the Submit button

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